About Us
Computer Store is the store front application of www.WebFacility.com
We are a group of engineers and executives with wide industry experience dating back to the first days of the PC industry. We have contributed to building more than one successful IT business. We now decided to do it for ourselves and for you - the customer who is looking for an unparalled overall quality at competitive prices.

You can depend on us for your various technical needs in hosting, Internet security and e-business solutions.

Our California Street address is:

15061 Springdale street, #105
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

You can reach us by E-mail at: [email protected] and by phone at: (714) 379-7700

Please visit our main website at: http://www.webfacility.com

Our Core Business is:
  • System Integrations including delopying, configuring various applications software and hardware.
  • Software Development and Outsourcing Services especially for the Microsoft .net platform
  • Running and Maintaining Various Applications Software
  • Security: Internet, WAN, LAN.
Philosophy & Objectives:
  • Provide consistent quality products & Outstanding After-sales services at prices that are hardly matched in the industry.
  • Investing more & more in our partnership with Microsoft, Intel, HP, CISCO, and other major IT Players in the short & the long terms. This enables us to access & keep aligned with the lastest & most advanced technology that is shaping the IT future.
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